The Stretch

Blasting to the past or jumping to the future, these episodes are fun anytime of the year!

  • The Stretch Episodes

    • Ep. 29: What’s the Run Differential anyway?

      In this episode, Ryan and Jesse discuss the value of run differential as a guide on a baseball teams probability for success. Topics include: the value of Run Differential, expected wins and losses, roster construction, WAR, luck, Pythagorean win-loss, strength of schedule, team management, and other influential statistics.

    • Ep. 25: THE STRETCH – Cubs vs. Brewers: The Rivalry is Born

      In this episode of the STRETCH Jesse and Ryan capture a game from June 13th, 1997: the very first meeting of the Cubs and Brewers.  Topics include: Wrigley Field day game, historical first game, Sammy Sosa, Ryne Sandberg, Mark Loretta, Mark Grace, Jeff D’Amico, Dave Nilsson, Terry Mulholland, Jeff Cirillo, bad Brewers logo, Harry Carey,

    • Ep. 23: THE STRETCH – Kneel before your robot umpires, you weak human baseball players

      In this episode of the STRETCH Jesse and Ryan discuss the future of umpiring in MLB: robot umpires. Ryan is ready for change in several ways, but Jesse is a little skeptical on a few aspects. Topics include: the strike zone, old rules vs new, the human element in sport, replay and pace of game,

    • Ep. 21: THE STRETCH – You down with OPS? Yes Yes, and Yes

      In this episode, Ryan and Jesse break down the OPS statistic, and what it’s all about. Topics include: how OPS is calculated, what OPS can mean for a player, Sammy Sosa, Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, Christian Yelich, Lorenzo Cain, Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, Travis Shaw, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, Hack Wilson.

    • Ep. 17: THE STRETCH – Wins as a stat and why it’s obsolete

      In this episode, Ryan and Jesse discuss the relevance (or lack thereof) of a pitching statistic: Wins. Topics include: why wins are a flawed statistic, Greg Maddux, Warren Spahn, the Milwaukee Braves, Henry Aaron, Cy Young, Jacob deGrom, Wins impact on contracts and MVP, the Cy Young Award, unbreakable records, Brett Favre, fixing the issue?

    • Ep. 15: THE STRETCH – June 15, 1998 Brewers vs Cubs

      An old tape of Ryan and Jesse is found discussing the June 15, 1998 game, Brewers vs Cubs at Wrigley Field. No, really. Topics include: First ever Brewers Cubs game, Kerry Wood, Sammy Sosa, Cal Eldred, Wrigley Field at night, history in the making, Roger Maris and 61, Mark McGwire, reliving the Cubs Brewers first

    • Ep. 13: THE STRETCH – Robotic pitching arms, Tommy John, PEDs

      Jesse and Ryan discuss how in the future, pitchers may need to step through a metal detector before heading to the mound to make sure they don’t have illegal robotics underneath their skin. Topics include: Tommy John surgery, unfair advantages, robots, AI, cyborgs, PEDs, MLB rules, Paul Molitor, Ben Sheets, Kerry Wood.

    • Ep. 11: THE STRETCH – Kerry Wood vs. Ben Sheets

      Remembering the Ks. Jesse and Ryan discuss a pair of classic performances from Kerry Wood and Ben Sheets. Topics include: a 20 strikeout performance from Kerry Wood vs. the Astros, an 18 K performance from Ben Sheets vs Atlanta, a look at their place in history, bittersweet career trajectories, parallels, baseball can create a memory

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