2019 “Tweet of Anger and Dismay” Baseball Predictions

One recent spring day on twitter, I found myself in the midst of a kerfuffle. Totally surprising, I know. This particular exchange, however, forced me to do what I’m doing right now. Release an MLB league wide final standings prognostication, and a final power ranking prediction. Yeah, I stepped in a puddle that turned out to be a pothole. A cow pie that didn’t come from your Grandmother’s oven. You get the idea.

The difficult thing for me about doing MLB standings predictions is simple. I normally I don’t care a bit about the American League. Heck, I only moderately care about the NL East and West. The 90 Miles Podcast focuses on the Cubs and Brewers, right? I have a day job, the Cubs and Brewers is plenty to think about, but I digress. The other day when the 5 CBSSports.com MLB writers all picked my beloved Brewers to finish 3rd in a division they WON last season, I got perturbed. Downright miffed. Responding to @BREW_MATHs twitter post (check out https://brewmaths.com for some excellent Brewer analytics), I could have gone so far as to say something like this:

Never going to be respected. Can’t wait to rant on all these ridiculous writers for the last couple years on the #90Miles podcast come seasons end. I need to start saving this stuff.

All 5 Have Brewers Finishing 3rd?!?

That’s right! I was going to remember this and call these “ridiculous writers” out on the podcast I co-host, 90MilesPodcast.com. At the end of the season once I know they’re wrong! That would’ve been so in their faces! From my own living room believe it or not! … But seriously, we had already done our NL Central predictions and I was peeved not one of them saw it my way. 5 writers, all selecting the Central champs who IMPROVED their opening day lineup to finish 3rd? Absolutely peeved to the max. Ridiculous! Well, what I wasn’t prepared for was any single one of them seeing that tweet. Like, ever. At least two did. And they’re smart sooo, this happened.

Yep. Stepped in a pile this time, didn’t ya, BrewCrewFanHuff?

Yep. I got called out. @MattSnyderCBS got after me. Since I’m not the type to call professionals ridiculous (unless they play for the Cubs and Cardinals, but then, are those even professionals? I KID!!) and back off because of an unexpected consequence, I will now share with you my final 2019 season standings for all of baseball. It will be followed in a separate blog with a predicted final 2019 power rankings, as I would guess my new friends at CBS Sports might see it. That will be based on the predictions below.

The one thing I don’t intend to do is play it safe. The algorithms of the world won’t be holding me prisoner from predicting at least one 100 win team so I can “be closer in the final standings”. No, that sounds dull. Let’s not be dull.

This is obviously for fun, keep that in mind. I might hurt your twitter feels some myself if you’re not careful. I’m going to say some things, hahaha… Anyhow, what if I get more right than the pros? I know a few delicious recipes for crow that I could serve up! More likely though, I’ll just be preparing crow for myself… In the microwave. Ick. But that’s what you get when you call out professionals because you had hurt twitter feels. Whatever, here goes nothing. Enjoy!

NL Central – This division is why this happened, so, no, the AL/NL East won’t be the first prediction. Get over it.

  • Milwaukee Brewers 93-69 Top seed, NL
  • Chicago Cubs 91-71 Wild Card 1
  • St. Louis Cardinals 91-71 Wild Card 2
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 78-84
  • Cincinatti Reds 70-92

Are you the least bit surprised? OF COURSE the Brewers will repeat. Have you been reading the article to this point? Do you even listen to this podcast? The real surprise here should be where I’m putting Cincinatti.

They have added some quality pieces, but many are on short deals. As Ryan and I have discussed on the 90 Miles Podcast (Brewers V Cubs focused, did we mention that?) I think there’s a reasonable chance that Cincinnati implodes. That should lead to a fire sale at the trade deadline. It’s a nice season for getting some great prospects at the deadline with guys like Kemp, Puig, Gennett, etc. on your roster. Honestly, it looks like a smart play to me, and I applaud the Reds for doing it when it happens. That would allow the heavyweights of the Central to get some much needed extra wins to outpace the East and West leaders. It’s also probably the only way this prediction fully comes true. It’s a tough thing to see 3 playoff teams out of the NL Central, but I honestly believe the Cubs, Cardinals and Brewers are 3 of the best 5 clubs in the NL.

NL West – Transition coming, just not this year.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 89-73 Second Seed, NL
  • Colorado Rockies 83-79
  • San Diego Padres 76-86
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 70-92
  • San Fransisco Giants 68-94

Not a lot to see here, but you might think the win totals are a bit low. I tend to agree, but I’m not picking numbers based on 1000 separate computer simulations. I’m trying to find something that is closer to what final totals would look like in reality. Frankly, this is the worst division in the NL. The transition is coming, where the Padres become the bridesmaids to the Dodgers, but were still a season early on the young guys like Tatis and company coming fully into their own. Next season is going to be a fun one in sunny San Diego. But this season still belongs to LA. Unfortunately. Eventually the trolley has to hit those Dodger guys, right?

NL East – Most Overhyped Division In Baseball – Even over the AL East? Yep. Yep it is.

  • Atlanta Braves 88-75 Game 163
  • Philadelphia Phillies 88-75 Game 163
  • Washington Nationals 84-78
  • New York Mets 83-79
  • Miami Marlins 58-84

Ah, the new shape of the National League East. A lot of big pieces landed here this offseason. Guys like J.T. Realmuto came over from the NL East to the NL East. Bryce Harper followed suit, going from the NL East to the NL East. “Wait, what? They did go to the Phillies now, you can’t just say the Phils won’t be better.” Ok ok, they will, but will this division have a team head and shoulders above the rest of the NL? I say no. I’m seeing improvements for these clubs leading to tougher battles in division for sure. I don’t see the tops of this division outclassing the tops of the NL Central, so I see a tie at the top and a game 163 scenario. I can say honestly, that would be a fantastic way for this division to shake out. That would be a FUN game to watch. Could one of those two teams take home field? Possibly, but my money says the Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers still land better records. Hey, I said I was not playing this safe, remember? I’m a Brewer fan, you realize, right? Deal with it NL East fans, this division is over-hyped.

AL Central – The one American League division I live near.

  • Cleveland Indians 85-77 Game 163
  • Minnesota Twins 85-77 Game 163
  • Kansas City Royals 75-87
  • Chicago White Sox 70-92
  • Detroit Tigers 63-95

Hey hey, looks like the Twins added former Brewer Nelson Cruz! I dig it. Outside of that, Ned Yost took the Royals to a couple World Series, which is also cool. Why didn’t he do that in Milwaukee? Stupid Cardinals….. As far as this year goes, this could well be the worst division in baseball. Again. I do enjoy seeing the Twins enjoy a little improvement in the offseason again. In honor of that, my predicition has awarded their club a game 163! Twins fans love game 163’s and Wild Cards, so, it was the least I could do.

AL West – Are Houston and Arlington really west though?

  • Houston Astros 97-65 Second Seed AL
  • Oakland Athletics 91-71
  • Seattle Mariners 83-79
  • Los Angeles Angels 82-80
  • Texas Rangers 70-92

Mike Trout is rich, young, handsome (so I hear), and the best player on the planet. Hopefully someday we can see him in a World Series. That someday is quite a ways away, unfortunately. Houston is excellent. Personally, I’ll be rooting for the A’s and Rays on days when I care to watch some “no pitcher hitting” baseball.

AL East – You really read far enough to see what I think of the AL East?

  • New York Yankees 102-63 Top Seed AL
  • Boston Red Sox 99-63 Wild Card 1
  • Tampa Bay Rays 92-70 Wild Card 2
  • Toronto Blue Jays 68-94
  • Baltimore “Oh Boy” Orioles 58-104

Welp, there it is. One of my favorite AL innovators of baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays, buried under the weight of the 2 heaviest of heavyweights. Good news is I’ve got them grabbing the 2nd Wild Card. Obviously the Yankees, Red Sox, and Houston Astros of the AL West are still the predictable class of baseball. I took some chances, and had some fun but I’m not a complete noob. I’ve got the best at the top, and those 3 could wind up in any order. But to not put them at the top would be ignorant at this point.

That’s that for now. #Accountability notated.

I sure hope you had as much fun reading this as I had putting it together. As far as MattSnyderCBS, the groundwork is laid. Thanks for the challenge.

Please, remember to go and subscribe to the podcast here for more baseball chatter, as Ryan and I discuss the Brewers, Cubs, and NL Central every week. We do some different things, and if you enjoyed this you’ll enjoy the show too. Thanks! – Jesse Huff

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